Abstract Submission [closed]
We invite all interested parties to submit abstracts to the ISOS-10 ’17. Works will be presented in talks and/or poster form. All material must be in English, as they will be evaluated by an international scientific committee.

Download: isos-10_abstract_instructions

To submit your abstract, please go to the Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) homepage and setup an account:

Next, login to:
Click on “+ Create new submission”, then follow the guidelines to submit your abstract.

The ISOS-10 ’17 invites abstracts related to the stability of:
» Organic Solar Cells
» Hybrid Solar Cells
» Perovskite Solar Cells
» Dye Solar Cells
Specifically Welcome are Studies on:
» Case Studies of Real World Applications (Field Installations, BIPV, Portable Devices)
» Outdoor Stability and Monitoring (Energy Yield)
» Testing against IEC and ISOS Standards (e.g. IEC 61646), also Selected Tests.
» Accelerated Laboratory Aging (Temperature, Humidity, Visible and/or UV-Light Exposure)
» Encapsulation Strategies and Materials
» Intrinsic Stability Studies (Inert Conditions, T, Light)
» Detailed Analysis of Degradation Mechanisms (Materials, Devices, New Characterization Methods)
» Mechanical Reliability (Bending, Vibrations, Adhesion)
» Other Topics related to HOPV Stability